Photo by Matthew Lasala

Dawn Andres

Hometown: Palatine, IL

Occupation: UX Designer

Number of years racing? Going into my second season on the road. 2 full seasons of CX.

Which disciplines do you race? CX and Road (and love those short track mtn bike races too)

Which is you favorite? Whichever is in season

Why do you race? I race to win - as a team or an individual. Winning can take on many forms though, not just a top podium step. Every race I try to have a goal. Accomplishing that goal is a little win in my book.

Favorite/proudest cycling moment: The first stage at Cascade 2014. It was my first cat 3 road race and I had no expectations and no race plan. On the final climb I started organizing a break of 6, then 3, then 2, then I went to take a pull and I couldn’t believe it when I turned around and had dropped the remaining woman. My parents were at the finish line and confused when they saw me, the lone female, cross the finish line in the midst of the men’s race that started ahead of us.  They told the people next to them “That’s our daughter! ……Did she win?!” I didn’t really believe it until they called my name for the podium. I ended up slipping to 3rd in the GC after the TT and crit stages. The night before the final stage I talked to Molly and AB (who was kicking ass in the pro/1/2 race) and got great advice for the final stage. I ended up winning the last stage and waited anxiously to see if it would be enough to take over 1st. I ended up in 2nd overall, missing the top step by 2 seconds.

Favorite recovery food? Banana, chocolate protein powder, instant coffee, and ice in a blender. If i’m not headed home a burrito will do the trick. Beer in the shower after anything over 100 miles.

The best thing about racing my bike is: Sexy tan lines

Photo credit: Matthew Lasala