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Christine Holland

Hometown: Kersey, PA

Occupation (what you do when you’re not riding): Energy Economist, however taking some time off to bike tour

Number of years racing? 4.5 years

Which disciplines do you race?  Mostly road, some cross

Which is you favorite? Stage racing/Road

Why do you race? Having clear intention:  training to be competitive, being able to contribute to a success, either a teammates or my own

Favorite/proudest cycling moment: Helping a teammate try to win a series:  She didn’t win, but she put herself out there by saying she was going for it (not easy to do!), we had a team plan, and we worked for her.  It was very special!

Favorite post race recovery meal? Cheese burger and fries

The best thing about racing my bike is: Training and racing with others with similar desires - feeding off of each others energy!!  I love to hear others race goals, particularly when they themselves are stoked about them.