Sue Marcoe

Name:  Suzanne Marcoe
Birth year: 1978
hometown: Northport NY
current town: Portland OR
Occupation: Veterinary Surgery Assistant

How did you start racing? I started riding and racing during my college years, then took a long break from it when I first moved to Oregon and I spent all my free time climbing.  Eventually I returned to riding and racing mountain bikes and cross.
Number of years racing?  7ish
Which disciplines do you race?  Mountain bike racing: mostly enduro/super D, cyclocross, and all types of endurance racing including 24hr racing, gravel grinding, and bikepacking events.  A little road racing every now and then.
Which is you favorite?  anything that involves sweet trails
Proudest cycling moment  Finishing a 24hr solo and the 364 mile Oregon Outback
Favorite post race recovery meal?  Chocolate milk