Kristi Carver

Birth year: 1973
hometown: Portland
current town: Portland
Occupation: Real Estate Manager
How did you start racing?  I had just finished college and I really missed mountain biking so I went back to Corvallis to “ride” Mudslinger. Hooked.
Number of years racing? 7 years (1996-1998 & 2010-current)
Which disciplines do you race? cyclocross, road, mt. bike
Which is you favorite? cyclocross
One of my favorite race moments was at the Gran Prix of Gloucester in 2010. (By the way, I never seem to care much about race results but certain moments and memories totally spark a fire.) It was my third ever cyclocross race and I found myself waiting for the start on the edge of a 100+ pack of Cat 3/4 ladies. I thought to myself, “When I hear the whistle, I’m going to gun it up the right side and sprint my ass off.” I had absolutely no plan whatsoever after that but I wanted to see what was going on at the front. The whistle finally blew and I executed. Next thing I knew I was mixed up with the top 10 ladies in the race sliding around corners and tree wells and bumping elbows vying for position. Those seconds of utter surprise in myself, adrenaline and euphoria… I think that’s what cyclocross is all about.
Photo Credit: Matt Lasala