Kris Duyn

  1. Name: Kris Duyn
  2. Hometown: Portland, OR
  3. Occupation (what you do when you’re not riding): Chase around 2goodboyz (Tanner and Jackson) but going back to real estate soon
  4. Number of years racing? Not enough (2)
  5. Which disciplines do you race? MTB, Cyclocross, and Road
  6. Which is you favorite? I prefer dirt but am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is to race with my team on the road 
  7. Why do you race or… What keeps you racing? I’m a competitor and I love my bikes!
  8. Favorite/proudest cycling moment: Winning MTB Marathon Nats
  9. Favorite post race recovery meal? Thai food
  10. The best thing about racing my bike is: Everything, its just too much fun