Kaitlin Michelle Borstelmann

Name: Kaitlin Michelle Borstelmann

Hometown: Northridge, CA

Occupation: Account Manager in Renewable Energy (Solar PV)

Number of years racing? 1 - 2

Which disciplines do you race? Cyclocross, Road

Which is you favorite? How can I choose?! Cross when there’s mud, road when it’s sunny.

Pre-race ritual? Oatmeal and eggs, a bundle of race nerves, lots of fast-talking, three too many shot blocks.

Proudest cycling moment: Ascending Mt. Diablo with my team and feeling great, ready to keep going. I started lycra-cycling because I wanted to feel strong enough to take on further-reaching adventures - and that moment felt like a milestone to that goal.

Why do you race or… What keeps you racing? It’s exciting and terrifying and fun and difficult all at once. I love that women in this community high five and hug each once the race is done, right after sprinting against one another to the finish line.

The best thing about racing my bike is: The opportunity to challenge myself, to go way outside my comfort zone- especially with a team of women who love to do the same and support one another. And I appreciate how that extends to daily life - learning acceptance and patience on hills that feel like they’ll never end has made even the most hectic work day feel manageable.