Annie Mahoney

Hometown: Bend OR

Occupation (what you do when you’re not riding): Architect

Number of years racing? 2ish

Which disciplines do you race? Cyclocross, learning about road and Mt. biking

Which is you favorite? Cross

What keeps you racing? I love the physical challenge, but also the camaraderie of  my team and the Portland cycling community

Favorite/proudest cycling moment: I have achieved a lot more this year than I hoped, reaching the podium a few times, but the biggest thrill I got was from pulling my teammate in a road race, giving her a little rest. It was a short effort, and not glorious by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that someone was depending on me made me work harder. It made the result that much sweeter.

Favorite post race recovery meal? A nice whiskey neat with a rich oatmeal stout beer back

The best thing about racing my bike is: Being part of an amazing, supportive team.


Photo Credit: Hot Foot Photo