Anne Usher

Anne Usher

Hometown:  Portland

Current:  Portland

Occupation:   Mom / Architect

How did you start racing?  I got hurt in college when racing Track and Field for U of O, and got myself a bike to ride around.  I was hooked.

Number of years racing?  Starting racing cyclocross in 2004  and then road in 2007

Which disciplines do you race?   Road and cyclocross

Which is your favorite?  Road

What keeps you racing?   I love the comradery during races.  I grew up doing running races and triathlons, and just really enjoy the people at the events and the feeling of giving it your all, races are a place of comfort for me.  But the difference between running, triathlon and cycling, is the strategy when your racing your bike.  I love the thinking during bike race.

Favorite/proudest cycling moment:  Winning the OBRA women’s road racing championship

Favorite post race recovery meal? coca cola and cinnamon bears, thank you Thurman Mart.

The best thing about racing my bike is:  feeling exhausted, and having teammates exhausted next to me.

Funniest race story: After watching one of my cyclocross races, my 2 year old son started to fake crash on his bike.  Apparently after watching me fall so many times he thought it was part of biking.

Memory from your first race:  PIR, I had no idea what I was doing