Annalisa Fish

Hometown:  Blaine, WA

Current: Portland, OR

Occupation: Owner and Physical Therapist at Endurance | Cycling Studio & Physical Therapy

How did you start racing? I was encouraged after a few months of training with the Austin Flyers Women’s cycling club in Texas. Those gals just sucked me right in, and I was hooked.

Number of years racing? Working on year 4

Which disciplines do you race? Road and Cyclocross

Which is your favorite?  New favorite is cross but will always have a soft spot for road.

What keeps you racing?  The people I get to surround myself with.  Those folks I get to train and race with/against almost every week!

Favorite/proudest cycling moment: Best result? 2nd Overall Tour of Walla Walla or 4th Overall at Banff Stage Race

Favorite post race recovery meal? Anything with chocolate…

The best thing about racing my bike is: The feeling after!

Pre-race ritual: A chill morning with a good cuppa

Funniest race story: Getting my first call up in a crit and then not being able to clip in.

Memory from your first race: Sat on the front for most of the race only to finish about dead last.

Best thing about racing: Teammates/friends, tactics and drilling a false flat.