Alexandra Burton

Birth Year: 1981
  Bridgewater, CT
Current Town: Portland, OR
Work:  Licensed Massage Therapist

I first found bike racing through Cyclocross, when a good friend of mine told me I had to try it. She said that it was really hard, and muddy and gritty, and that I would love it. And I did. I fell in love pretty quickly, and after a couple of seasons of having fun I started putting some real time and energy into trying to improve. Around this same time, in 2011, I was lucky enough to start racing with an amazing women’s team from Portland that supported, encouraged, and gave me the guidance I needed to succeed in road racing. Indeed, Cyclocross and road racing are very different, but both have come to have a very special place in my heart. Whether road or cross, I love toeing the line with a group of dynamic women, never knowing what could happen on any given day. I love the place that racing takes me. The focus. The quiet. The inner strength. Together, racing and training have helped me to maneuver through many of life’s challenges, as racing itself has been a constant reminder of how I can live up to and beyond my own potential, to be the best self I have. My strength, intuition, compassion and tenacity have all contributed to my success on the bike, while racing, in turn, has taught me about who I am, about being uncomfortable, and about finding success in small ways and in unlikely places. I am so grateful for the relationships racing has brought into my life, bonds that continue to motivate and inspire me. Especially when things get hard, bike racing has taught me to just keep pedaling my bike.