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Apr 22 / doug

Magnum PI wears Castelli??

In some lights I’m considered sexy. But it just so happens that with two buckets of chest hair I need a little help. I mean, I’m more Magnum PI than Brad Pit but I’m ok with that. So why do I mention this and drag you along? I don’t know. I do know that that new Castelli team shorts flip the switch and make me look good (subjective) in more than complete darkness.

You know Castelli… it’s the Scorpion company. The company headquartered in Italy yet present here in the US via Portland Oregon. This season PBS went with Castelli for it’s training gear and here are some of my observations after trying it on and running around the house.

The fabric is soft and has good compression. The chamois feels good, even when drinking beer and blogging on a very hard bench from Ikea. It’s not at all like a pancake smothered in syrup, although that sounds good. It conforms to my every curve (gross) and covers all the right areas (double gross). The seams are well placed and flat.

My only concern is the length. I never liked the look of 3 fingers from the knee shorts, but I find these Castelli shorts a little long in the leg. Shorten them by and inch and I won’t have to roll these bad boys. A guys gotta protect his tan lines right?

Don’t take my word though. Try them on. Go for a spin, flaunt your chest hair. The Castelli team gear might just flip your switch too.


Dapper hat combo not included, nor cat.

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  1. Devin / Apr 23 2010

    The page-boy cap lends a certain je ne sais ce qui to the whole ensemble. Additionally, put this up in Vaseline Alley downtown with some contact information and you’re guaranteed a date for the weekend.

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