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Apr 23 / devin

Ah, my favorite of the seven dwarves

I’m of two minds about this photo. On one mind I can applaud Vinokourov’s epically shining legs. On another mind I can only see doper A, beating to the line dopers B and C. Not to mention (but I shall, so you don’t have to guess at what I was about to mention) that coming up strong behind them are Sella, Scarponi and Frei. I’m formulating a formula that goes like this- “number of sponsors on your kit” x “years racing almost exclusively in Italy” + “square mm of sunglasses” = “number of standard deviations greater likelihood of being juiced.”

I think you’ll find that formula is nearly as accurate a predictor (not the hilariously sponsored pregnancy test team) of doping as the much lauded Biological Passport (which sounds like the kind of thing you’d need to show before admittance to Club Hedonist.)

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