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Feb 8 / devin

Sorry Lil Wayne-

but I’m sick, not ill. Bronchitis with a side of tendinitis thrown in for good measure. I got an awesome head cold and tried to walk it off, but the tendinitis kicked in hard and I couldn’t even walk. So now I’m army-crawling it off- leaving a snot slick behind me the whole way. I’m like a mucousy Exxon Valdez- there’re volunteers desperately washing off ducks and otters that got caught in my wake. As for training- I’ve been coughing pretty much non-stop, which has done wonders for my abs. I may not win a bike race like this, but I can take my shirt off and shame the actual winner into submission. Best yet- I don’t even have to ride around getting cold, I can just sit in my truck coughing until the podium ceremony. The season is looking up!


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  1. molly / Feb 8 2010


    Join me: sick fest 2010.

    Or am I joining you?


  2. Kelly Ryan / Feb 10 2010

    You are all joining me, I believe I started this party off!
    OGI (originally ghastly ill) KR

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