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Mad Alchemy LaFemme Chamois creme

Mad Alchemy LaFemme Chamois creme

By: Mad Alchemy Embrocation

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  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Petroleum Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Animal Ingredients

Product Description

Finally, an effective, pleasant, natural Chamois Crème designed for woman. La Femme is composed of our natural Chamois Crème base melded with 100% cold pressed Lavender, Tea Tree, Grapefruit and Peppermint Essential Oils. Lavender has been used to centuries as an antiseptic, pain reliever and skin counterirritant, while Peppermint Oil serves as a pain reliever, providing a slight cooling effect. It’s also been known to nourish dry skin.  Tea Tree Oil serves as an anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. There is clinical evidence that topical dermatological preparations containing tea tree oil may be more effective than conventional antibiotics in preventing transmittal of infection.

Give it a try we know you’ll fall in love. Additionally, as with all of our products, La Femme Chamois Crème is Paraben Free…

PRO TIP: La Femme is not just for women. The Lavender scent is geared towards the ladies, but guys love it too.