Bicycles by appointment

You will not see a row of pre-built bicycles for sale in Portland Bicycle Studio. Everything we do is custom. We sell bicycles tailor built for you. By partnering with select frame builders we are able to offer a world of bicycles perfectly designed for your riding style.

The Portland Bicycle Studio retail experience is a unique by appointment only, one on one interaction from start to finish. Our attention is solely on your requirements and we are able provide the most thorough customer service available. There is no heavy sales pressure, we want you to be able to freely and comfortably create the bicycle of your dreams using our expertise and knowledge to facilitate your experience.

Custom Bicycles - our purchasing process

Portland Bicycle Studio offers built to order bicycles from our hand picked selection of the world’s finest frame builders. Our three step purchasing process guarantees you have complete control over your final vision.

1 - Assess, Fit and Quote - On your first visit to Portland Bicycle Studio we assess your riding style and history, discuss your bicycle frame material and component desires, take body measurements and, create the basis for the initial bicycle design and quote. A %50 deposit allows us to begin the order and design process.

2 - Review and Submit - The next step is a review and confirmation of the design and component selection. We answer any questions you may have and make changes to the bicycle design and spec as needed. We finalize the frame design and component build allowing you to sign off on the design and specification of your new purchase. Once the design is approved and signed off, we can provide a reliable delivery date from the frame builder. (turn around time for the majority of our custom bicycles is 6-8 weeks)

3 - Delivery - When the bicycle is completed and you come to pick it up, we take a look at you on your new bicycle during a fit assessment. We will go over the new bicycle in detail before you ride away on your dream machine. The balance of your purchase is due at time of delivery.


Every bicycle purchased from Portland Bicycle Studio is meticulously assembled by a certified and highly experienced professional mechanic. Service on your bicycle is complementary for the first 2 months after your purchase, by appointment at PBS. All of our fitting, work and builds are guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied, we will do everything we can to make it right.

After the first 2 months, tune ups and service are available to clients who have purchased a bicycle from Portland Bicycle Studio. Bicycles and components are also supplemented by their manufacturer’s warranties.

Custom Bicycle Fit and Design with RETUL fit analysis tools

A custom bicycle design starts from the ground up and delivers a bicycle fit perfectly for you and your riding needs. Using our Waterford Fit Master size-cycle, we can start with a blank canvas on which to design your ideal geometry and measurements. We complement this by assessing your body and riding style. Taking into account what makes you unique will deliver a ride built specifically for you.


Multiple Bicycle or Follow-up Fits

Many riders have a few if not several bicycles. Once we establish your first bike fit; follow up appointments on the same bike and performing fits on different styles of bicycles (cyclocross, mountain, track, touring) can begin with our established baseline. Once you experience a good fit, you will want your other bicycles to fit as well as they can!