The CX School 2013-2014 Syllabus now available!

In celebration of the upcoming 2013 - 2014 cyclocross season, we are proud to announce the CX School syllabus!


You have the next 8 weeks to practice, study, refine and complete each lesson. Post pictures, videos, any recording, any evidence and proof you getting your assignments done. (sing a song about it, that is acceptable)

Once you have posted and completed your course work. Drop by the Studio,  a cx clinic or a cx race for your stamp of approval for each lesson.

For this; Week 1? ATTEND A CX CLINIC (any clinic) - that is easy, now go get it done.

CX School report cards


Pick up your assignment cards at Portland Bicycle Studio, at a cx clinic or a cx race!

You’ve got the next 8 weeks to prepare yourself for the season. Graduates of CX School have a special graduation present awaiting them at the Alpenrose CX race. Bring your completed assignment sheet and present it to the principal at the Studio tent compound.

There is something special in store if you complete the extra credit assignment!

Anyone in the world can participate in #CXSCHOOL

Now get to school, you have assignments to complete!